How to artfully address weaknesses in an interview

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Job interviews are like entering into the highlight – they illuminate not simply your strengths but additionally your vulnerabilities. One query that always catches job seekers off guard is, “What are your weaknesses?” Whereas it could appear counterintuitive to debate your shortcomings in an interview, answering this query strategically can show self-awareness, development potential, and authenticity.

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Choosing the proper weaknesses to share:

  1. Give attention to abilities enchancment: When discussing weaknesses, centre your response on abilities which might be related to the job however body them as alternatives for development. For instance, you may say, “Previously, I struggled with public talking, however I’ve taken steps to enhance by attending workshops and practising recurrently. Now, I really feel rather more assured presenting concepts.”
  2. Display adaptability: Spotlight weaknesses that present your potential to adapt and overcome challenges. As an illustration, “I was overly meticulous about particulars, generally on the expense of effectivity. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered to steadiness thoroughness with a deal with productiveness, leading to simpler work.”
  3. Showcase smooth abilities: Emphasise weaknesses associated to smooth abilities and interpersonal qualities. A fantastic instance may very well be, “I’ve traditionally been overly self-reliant, however I’ve discovered the significance of collaboration. I now actively search enter from crew members and worth collective problem-solving.”

Greatest instance solutions to “what are your weaknesses?”:

  1. Perfectionism: As a substitute of claiming, “I’m a perfectionist,” which is a cliché, you may say, “I used to get caught up in perfecting each element of a undertaking, which generally led to delays. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered to prioritise duties successfully and strike a steadiness between precision and timeliness.”
  2. Public talking: As a substitute of admitting, “I’m not good at public talking,” strive, “Previously, I confronted challenges with public talking, however I’ve been proactive about addressing this weak point. I’ve attended public talking programs, and I now volunteer for shows to repeatedly enhance.”
  3. Delegating duties: As a substitute of claiming, “I wrestle with delegation,” phrase it as, “I’ve at all times taken delight in being hands-on with my work, generally to the detriment of delegation. Recognising the worth of teamwork, I’ve began to delegate duties extra successfully, empowering my colleagues and fostering a collaborative surroundings.”
  4. Impatience: As a substitute of claiming, “I’m too impatient,” you may specific it as, “I used to wrestle with impatience, eager to see quick outcomes. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered to understand the worth of the method and developed persistence, understanding that some issues take time to unfold.”
  5. Consideration to Element: Somewhat than stating, “I’m not good with particulars,” phrase it as, “I’ve recognised that, at instances, I’d overlook small particulars in my eagerness to perform broader duties. To deal with this, I’ve applied methods comparable to creating checklists and setting apart particular time for detailed evaluation.”
  6. Problem Saying ‘No’: As a substitute of admitting, “I’ve a tough time saying ’no,’” say, “I are usually accommodating and, prior to now, discovered it difficult to say no extra duties. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered to prioritise successfully and talk my workload, guaranteeing I can contribute meaningfully with out spreading myself too skinny.”
  7. Flexibility: Somewhat than saying, “I’m not very versatile,” specific it as, “I used to search out it troublesome to adapt to sudden adjustments. Nonetheless, I’ve actively labored on enhancing my flexibility by embracing new views and contemplating different approaches, which has positively impacted my problem-solving talents.”
  8. Self-Criticism: As a substitute of stating, “I’m overly self-critical,” say, “I’ve excessive requirements for myself, which may generally result in self-criticism. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered to view errors as alternatives for development and deal with constructive suggestions slightly than dwelling on perceived shortcomings.”
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Weaknesses to keep away from sharing in an interview:

  1. Irrelevant weaknesses: Sharing weaknesses unrelated to the job might come off as insincere or deflective. Stick with weaknesses which might be pertinent to the place.
  2. Main crimson flags: Keep away from weaknesses that elevate severe issues about your potential to carry out within the function. As an illustration, stating, “I typically miss deadlines because of poor time administration” may very well be a crimson flag for a lot of employers.
  3. Disguised strengths: Be cautious about presenting strengths as weaknesses. Saying, “I work too laborious” or “I’m too devoted” can sound disingenuous and is probably not well-received.


Approaching the “weaknesses” query with thoughtfulness and authenticity can flip it into a possibility to showcase your self-awareness and dedication to private {and professional} development. By specializing in abilities enchancment, adaptability, and smooth abilities, you may navigate this difficult interview query with finesse and go away a long-lasting optimistic impression in your potential employer.

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